The South Korea Trip

[31 DAYS TO GO] I’m officially going to South Korea!

Those of you who have followed my short little journey on here knows I’ve wanted nothing more for quite some time. And I’ve wanted few things as badly in my life as I’ve wanted to go to South Korea, to see if I will love the country, culture and people as much when I’m there as I do from home.

Now, thanks to my two best friends, this is happening. I can’t even express how excited, happy and dying I am! 31 DAYS TO GO!

Heart burst of rainbows.gif

On August 1st our plane will leave Sweden in direction of Doha, Qatar, from where we will transfer to Incheon. Fifteen whole days in South Korea, split between two cities and the wonderful Jeju Island, Three friends, three cities. And what we will experience there I can only hope will change my life. We will discover the cities, make a nighttime mountain hike, watch a weekly K-pop event called MCountdown and eat lots and lots of exciting Korean food.

I have yet to discuss this with my two babes, but there’s a huge possibility of recording the whole trip and turn it into a jolly sort of travel documentary. Of course, every day until we travel and every day we are there will be written down on here, so you can follow along when my dream comes true! 화이팅!!

Today’s preparation: Fetch my new passport, and get my vaccinations

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