Lifestyle · The South Korea Trip

[30 DAYS TO GO] I’ve got an owie…

After a good night’s sleep the pain from my Hepatitis shot has become worse, and the bruise is growing by the hour. Haha! I have no problems with bring bruised while still in Sweden, but with genes from my mother that could cause bruises that cover half my arm (that happened to her once after a flu shot…) I’d prefer not to look like that when going to Korea. Well, no need to worry about anything now—it’s not nearly as bad as it could be and I can’t do anything about it anyway. Aaaaand I won’t be able to do anything about the effects of the second shot in a month either, so….


Now, I’ll head out for a jog which I haven’t done in ages, and see if my horribly unfit body can still manage to run through an entire K-pop song (N.O by BTS and One Shot by B.A.P are my favourites because the beats match my running style).

At least the weather was nice a few minutes ago… XD

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