The thing about K-pop #5

The amount of active K-pop groups right now is probably at some peak or another, girl groups and boy groups alike, and I couldn’t possibly attempt to count them all. I only know the names of a fraction of them, and far less than that end up on my K-POP! it up list which is my daily listening playlist. I would probably have over a thousand songs on that list right now if I had listened to every single active K-pop group there is.

Suga what now

Yeah, Suga. Me too.

There are the huge names in the genre that almost everyone knows about—Big Bang, TWICE, EXO, Girl’s Generation—to only name a few. Then there are endless numbers of smaller groups, groups that have disbanded, taken a break of just vanished. Groups that work day and night and only ever gain a small amount of followers. Groups that are made to only last a year (I’m looking at you, Produce 101!).

It’s so easy to find new groups to stan, and yet so Cass-damned difficult. I for one need a lot of willpower to sit down and listen through the top 5 songs of any group which I haven’t been forcibly introduced to by a friend or by accident.

Let’s list a few of the “less popular/known” K-pop groups, the songs that made me fall head over heals for them, and how I found them:

♥ GOT7 (found through Markson) ♥


These puppies are next up on my list of groups I want to know by heart, now that I have satisfied my insane need to know every EXO member by their jawlines. My BFF introduced me to them through the most popular ship within the group—Markson, which is the ship between Mark and Jackson (they made an entire show about it where they practically ship themselves to death). Once that got me hooked it was all a slide from there, starting with a Hard Carry addiction and moving on to waiting for their comeback like a dog for their owner.

Got7 songs on the K-POP! it up list:

  • Hard Carry
  • My Swagger
  • Never Ever

♥ BEAST/Highlight (found through Ki Kwang in “Circle”) ♥


This was a double find actually. I was watching the incredible K-drama Circle: Two Worlds Connected like crazy, and I was so in love with the character of Ho Soo, who happened to be played by Ki Kwang (far right). I had no idea. It wasn’t until me and my friend found an article titled “ugly K-pop artists”, featuring among others the adorable Yang Yoseob (second from the left), that I went on an angry rant search for pictures of BEAST and realised that I recognised Ki Kwang. Not long after that I did my first ever MV Watch-through, looking at each of BEAST’s official MVs in order of release, and ended up on what it now Highlight, a new version of the group featuring all but one of the original members. I wish you the best of luck, Highlight!

BEAST/Highlight songs on the K-POP! it up list:

  • Breath (BEAST)
  • 12:30 (BEAST)
  • Fiction (BEAST)
  • Plz don’t be sad (Highlight)
  • Can you feel it? (Highlight)
  • The Divine Move (Yang Yoseob)

♥ VIXX (from the Original K-pop List) ♥


These cuties have been on the list of groups I want to know my heart for a very long time—the longest time actually. When my friend was first introduced to K-pop by another friend of hers, that other friend gave my friend a list of songs and MVs to check out. Obviously, once my friend was hooked she had me look at the list, and one of the songs from that list was actually “Hyde” by VIXX. I love the song sooooo much, one of the first K-pop songs I just couldn’t stop listening to. Now, much later, I have a bunch of songs from them on my playlists, but I still don’t know their faces or watched even a single MV. It’s definitely time to change that!

VIXX songs on the K-POP! it up list:

  • Hyde
  • Maze
  • Desperate
  • Dynamite
  • Love me do
  • Fantasy
  • Chained up
  • Error

♥ Blackpink (my best friend’s favourite girl group) ♥


These four rays of badass sunshine are just too adorable. My best friend found them by herself when they debuted, and we watched through everything they had put out in one sitting. Their music didn’t make as much of an impression on me as many other groups have, but now they’ve made their comeback with “As If It’s Your Last”, and I am completely and utterly lost in them now. By far my favourite girl group, and I hope they will rise far beyond their current rookie status.

Blackpink songs on the K-POP! it up list:

  • Boombayah
  • Playing with fire
  • As if it’s your last

Now, fans of all types, that’s it for this part of The Thing About K-pop! I hope you’ll find yourself addicted to some of the groups I’ve mentioned today, and that you find your own new addictions among the hundreds of options there are!

안녕히 가세요 친구들!!

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