[27 DAYS TO GO] Getting my passport, and the Korean Phrasebook

There are a lot of things that need to be prepared when you do a trip like this—especially when you plan on using the language of your destination as much as possible instead of relying on good old English. Of course there will be instances when English is very necessary for us, but I want to know enough Korean so that I can get by on just that in everyday tourist situations. Because of that I have begun gathering good-to-know phrases so that I can write them down in a notebook and practice them until I know them by heart.

I’m using a lot of different YouTube channels for this, including Talk To Me In Korean, Korean 언니, Sweet And Tasty TV, as well as my membership at I really think you should check these channels out, because there’s no better way to learn Korean for free than this!

Some of the phrases in the PhraseBook so far:

  • 이거 일/이/삼인분 (더) 조세요.
    = Please give me one/two/three servings (more) of this.

You use this phrase in restaurants when ordering. I modified the counters (일 [1], 이 [2], 삼 [3]) because we will be three people travelling, and depending on it you order for the first time or you want to order more of something you can either exclude or include the 더, which means more.

  • 좀 더 둘러 보고 다시 올게요.
    = I’ll look around some more and come back later.

Whether or not you actually intend to come back to a store or market stall, this is a polite goodbye phrase, especially if combined with “안녕히 계세요” and a cute smile. In order, the words mean: 좀 (some/a little) 더 (more) 둘러 보 (browse/look around)고 (and) 다시 (later) 올 (come back)게요 (polite sentence ending).

  • … 안 들어간 거 있어요?
    = Do you have something that does not contain…?

Perfect for vegetarians, vegans and people with allergies. For us three travellers this won’t be too useful because none of us have any allergies or food preferences. I will look up a phrase meaning “Can you please leave out onion/chili/etc”, because modifying a meal should be easier than finding something that is already without it.

Xiumin gives a kiss

With that I’ll leave you in Xiumin’s lovely gaze and go to the city, where I will finally get my new passport, and spend some quality time with friends from work eating pizza and racing with go karts! 😀

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