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[25 DAYS TO GO] What shall the plus-sized girl wear?

This little rant of mine is NOT directed AT YOU, my beautiful readers! ♥

It comes a goes in waves, the confidence in my beauty and physical worth. Luckily for me, the waves are extremely uneven. For every day of feeling ugly and fat, I get to have a hundred days feeling awesome and just right. I’m comfortable with my size and I like knowing that I am slightly overweight because I can use that to my advantage on days when I’m feeling really good and want to actually exercise some of my extra chub-chub away.

Why am I saying this? Because these are my feelings and beliefs while still in Sweden, your typical European/Far Western-cultured country, and not South Korea.

I’m not worried about being called fat over there. I’m not worried that many of their sizes won’t fit me. What I want, however, is to be able to be comfortable enough in my quite random set of styles so that when Koreans look at me they won’t think I’m unhappy. Like, “Hello! Yes, I’d like very much to lose some weight but I won’t let myself be stressed or miserable about it”.

I’ve been shopping some clothes for the hot summer of South Korea, and I’ve been going bold with the styles because I have no sense of modern fashion, only my own fashion. I don’t care what others wear, as long as I think I look fabulous. Looks are very important to me, both my clothes and my make-up, but you’ll never ever catch me caring about other people’s possibly negative opinions concerning how I look.

I don't give a fuck

Go ahead, call me whatever you want. Just remember that I said it first.

And now that’s over! 😀 고맙습니다!!

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