[21 DAYS LEFT] My face is melting!

After a long and strenuous work period I am now free to take care of myself, my home and, of course, my preparations for the trip to Korea! ♥ I’ve been shopping a lot for clothes and other stuff that will make the trip even more fabulous, and I was one lucky gal more than once. I’ll tell you more about the fashion I bought later, some show-and-tell action coming right up, but first I wanted to show you this little beauty on the photo which I found at an H&M’s store in my city.

It’s a Korean face mask! It’s from Kocostar [코코스타], and the packaging is in Hangul, which when I saw it made me very happy. Its original price was 49 SEK, which is roughly 6 dollars or 6900 KRW, but there was some kind of unadvertised sale going on, so the two packs I got cost me 60 SEK together. I didn’t really care for the price—it’s Korean and I can get it in Sweden. I’m buying it!

And that’s why it looks like my face is melting right off. I’m wearing the mask, which should be on for 30 mins, as I’m writing this and I feel revitalised already! ^^

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