Lifestyle · The South Korea Trip

Fashion Show!

Here’s a complete show-off of the goodies that I purchased specifically for the South Korea trip. I might add some more beauties to the collection, but this is what I have so far. I really wanted to update my wardrobe before I went, so that I can feel fabulous and fashionable in a country full of beautiful and fashionable people! ♥

Oh, and I got every single piece of clothing + the bag in these photos for 1,075 SEK total. That’s 128 dollars. And THAT’S how you stay cheap AND stay awesome-looking!

FS 1.jpgFS 2.jpgFS 3.jpgFS 4.jpgFS 5.jpgFS 7

And lastly, for my favourite outfit! ♥

FS 8.jpg

What do you think? Do I work these styles? ^^ ♥ I really hope I do, and the best part about the whole thing is that I feel comfortable in all these clothes, which is soooo important because there will be so many other things to focus on that I don’t want to wear clothes that look good but aren’t comfy.

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