Who am I?

안녕 친구들! 카로입니다!

My name’s Carro (or Viola, whichever you prefer), and I’m a 20 year old aspiring author from central Sweden who wants nothing more than to leave this half-frozen suburban countryside that’s been my home since forever. Writing, singing and movies are my passions. I want to meet the world and as many people in it as I can!

I’ve been writing stories, books, television and movie scripts and fanfiction all my life. The written word is my weapon and I’m never afraid to use it—for good and bad. With four huge projects and too many small ones to count, I have a plan for the future that I will not so easily put aside or give up on. Some day, somewhere, my stories will be on your bookshelves or on your TV screen.

That is a promise.

I fell in love with the history, culture and media of the far East when I was still very little, and I’ve been wanting to see it all ever since. While South Korea has stolen my heart since then, I’ve always been deeply fascinated with China, Japan, Vietnam and India as well. My dreams will come true this summer when my first ever trip to South Korea takes place!