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[14 DAYS LEFT]🌈 Running for Korea, and EXO’s The War! 🍉

EXO just released their comeback album, the 4th full one, named The War, and holy Castiel, was that awesome!? I've listened through the whole thing twice, and I'm currently out trying to prepare my body for South Korea, of course with songs like Forever, Ko Ko Bop and The Eve in my ears from the new album.

Did you participate in giving EXO 100,000,000 hearts on V LIVE today? Are you one of the 800,000 people who preordered the album?

I am 😘

Lifestyle · The South Korea Trip

Fashion Show!

Here’s a complete show-off of the goodies that I purchased specifically for the South Korea trip. I might add some more beauties to the collection, but this is what I have so far. I really wanted to update my wardrobe before I went, so that I can feel fabulous and fashionable in a country full of beautiful and fashionable people! ♥

Oh, and I got every single piece of clothing + the bag in these photos for 1,075 SEK total. That’s 128 dollars. And THAT’S how you stay cheap AND stay awesome-looking!

FS 1.jpgFS 2.jpgFS 3.jpgFS 4.jpgFS 5.jpgFS 7

And lastly, for my favourite outfit! ♥

FS 8.jpg

What do you think? Do I work these styles? ^^ ♥ I really hope I do, and the best part about the whole thing is that I feel comfortable in all these clothes, which is soooo important because there will be so many other things to focus on that I don’t want to wear clothes that look good but aren’t comfy.

Lifestyle · The South Korea Trip

[25 DAYS TO GO] What shall the plus-sized girl wear?

This little rant of mine is NOT directed AT YOU, my beautiful readers! ♥

It comes a goes in waves, the confidence in my beauty and physical worth. Luckily for me, the waves are extremely uneven. For every day of feeling ugly and fat, I get to have a hundred days feeling awesome and just right. I’m comfortable with my size and I like knowing that I am slightly overweight because I can use that to my advantage on days when I’m feeling really good and want to actually exercise some of my extra chub-chub away.

Why am I saying this? Because these are my feelings and beliefs while still in Sweden, your typical European/Far Western-cultured country, and not South Korea.

I’m not worried about being called fat over there. I’m not worried that many of their sizes won’t fit me. What I want, however, is to be able to be comfortable enough in my quite random set of styles so that when Koreans look at me they won’t think I’m unhappy. Like, “Hello! Yes, I’d like very much to lose some weight but I won’t let myself be stressed or miserable about it”.

I’ve been shopping some clothes for the hot summer of South Korea, and I’ve been going bold with the styles because I have no sense of modern fashion, only my own fashion. I don’t care what others wear, as long as I think I look fabulous. Looks are very important to me, both my clothes and my make-up, but you’ll never ever catch me caring about other people’s possibly negative opinions concerning how I look.

I don't give a fuck

Go ahead, call me whatever you want. Just remember that I said it first.

And now that’s over! 😀 고맙습니다!!

Lifestyle · The South Korea Trip

[30 DAYS TO GO] I’ve got an owie…

After a good night’s sleep the pain from my Hepatitis shot has become worse, and the bruise is growing by the hour. Haha! I have no problems with bring bruised while still in Sweden, but with genes from my mother that could cause bruises that cover half my arm (that happened to her once after a flu shot…) I’d prefer not to look like that when going to Korea. Well, no need to worry about anything now—it’s not nearly as bad as it could be and I can’t do anything about it anyway. Aaaaand I won’t be able to do anything about the effects of the second shot in a month either, so….


Now, I’ll head out for a jog which I haven’t done in ages, and see if my horribly unfit body can still manage to run through an entire K-pop song (N.O by BTS and One Shot by B.A.P are my favourites because the beats match my running style).

At least the weather was nice a few minutes ago… XD

The South Korea Trip

[31 DAYS TO GO] I’m officially going to South Korea!

Those of you who have followed my short little journey on here knows I’ve wanted nothing more for quite some time. And I’ve wanted few things as badly in my life as I’ve wanted to go to South Korea, to see if I will love the country, culture and people as much when I’m there as I do from home.

Now, thanks to my two best friends, this is happening. I can’t even express how excited, happy and dying I am! 31 DAYS TO GO!

Heart burst of rainbows.gif

On August 1st our plane will leave Sweden in direction of Doha, Qatar, from where we will transfer to Incheon. Fifteen whole days in South Korea, split between two cities and the wonderful Jeju Island, Three friends, three cities. And what we will experience there I can only hope will change my life. We will discover the cities, make a nighttime mountain hike, watch a weekly K-pop event called MCountdown and eat lots and lots of exciting Korean food.

I have yet to discuss this with my two babes, but there’s a huge possibility of recording the whole trip and turn it into a jolly sort of travel documentary. Of course, every day until we travel and every day we are there will be written down on here, so you can follow along when my dream comes true! 화이팅!!

Today’s preparation: Fetch my new passport, and get my vaccinations

The South Korea Trip

When, where, how? Getting from Sweden to South Korea…

According to Google there’s an 7500 kilometre distance between my current location and my dream destination, which happens to be Seoul, South Korea. That one hell of a trip for a first time lone traveller, or am I wrong? Well, I won’t be alone, I’ll have my BFF, but she ain’t exactly a world traveller either. And by what economical means will two 20-year-olds—one with a half-time minimum wage employment and the other a university student—get halfway across the globe on vacation?

As far as plans are concerned, the idea is that we’ll go sometime during the summer. Dates are not set. The trip will last anywhere from 2-4 weeks depending, and we’ll be staying in two major cities, Seoul and Busan, during our stay.

When I first decided that I wanted to go to South Korea, I figured that we each needed between 20.000 and 25.000 SEK to be able to live a decent life in Seoul for a month, with food, housing and some fun. That also includes travels to, in and from the country.

Flight from Arlanda to Incheon

I’ve made my fair share of plane rides in my young life, to and from Germany a multitude of times and three vacations in London, UK. None of these flights have lasted over two and a half hours. One search with a flight calculator told me that the journey from Stockholm Arlanda to Incheon International will take anywhere from 12 to 30 hours, depending on how many times and where we transfer. Ugh…

A good mix between cheap and fast landed us at around 14 hours continuous travel, with only one change of flight in Beijing, China. Affordable, so why not? Puts us out around 6.000-8.000 SEK each for the tickets there and back, so a total of around 14.000 SEK for all flights combined.

Living in Seoul and Busan

One thing became very clear to me when I first started looking into all this—unless you have a big budget or an unforgiving need for absolute comfort, the best way to live in Seoul as a tourist is with Air-BnB, or so called one-month rentals. They are places owned by private persons who rent out apartments and rooms to affordable sums depending on how large, conveniently located and luxurious is it. I found the rent to be ridiculously affordable—little less than what you’d pay a month for a decent apartment in Sweden’s later cities. Well below the price of most hotels, and many of these AirBnB’s were located in the very heart of Seoul and Busan.

I’m not going to say that this is the best idea ever, because I’ve never lived like that or tried it. But I’ll definitely look into it when we get to the detailed part of planning the trip.

That’s it for tonight, I just wanted to get off my chest how much I’ve been thinking about this trip. I’ll continue it some other time!

잘 자요, 친구들! Good night!