Original Writing

The author

I write stuff on a daily basis. If I’m bored during calmer hours at work I write, I lay in bed at night and write, I sit in the sofa during free days and write. I always have and I’m pretty certain that I always will, because the written word is my weapon of choice.

Fanfiction was where it started. My computer’s fanfic folder has near 300 text documents in it spread across 37 fandoms like Star Wars and Supernatural, and each one is a story in itself. Almost all of them are unfinished, but that’s beside the point.

Then, at around age 11, came the original writing. An old movie idea about five kids entering a hidden magic forest (cliché much?) developed into something entirely, completely different, now known as The Aether Chronicles, my six part fantasy novel series. A scrabble on some paper while skipping school that one and only time turned into an anime series of near 200 episodes, the project known as C.H.O.I.C.E.

Below follows a list-up of every original story I’ve ever written. Please note that every single word from this point on is protected under the (CC) label, and story theft will come with vicious retribution ♥

The themes

My writing stretches across many different genres. Some are 100% pure fantasy, featuring most of the classic elements such as magic, King and Queens, and epic battles of the sword. Others are futuristic war stories, where hard-fought romance is accompanied by a struggle for life and justice. Some are just modern day tales of love and loyalty, sprinkled with dramatic effects such as ghost possession or mafia intrigues.

What I don’t write: I don’t write superhero stories. My main characters are never almighty or powerful in the physical sense. I’ve never written a full-blown space sci-fi story either, although I might someday. And I tend to stay as far away from “main character has to choose between two lovers” as I can.

What I do write: Characters that are diverse in all senses of the term, with either physical or mental disabilities, where the effects of traumatic pasts aren’t overlooked. Stories of romance where the characters face realistic relationship struggles such as the loss of a child or differing sexualities. I have a preference for exploring the normalcy and depths of non-heterosexual relationships, and brotherly and familiar love are common themes in all of my stories.

The early stuff

 TWINFRIENDS (2008, fantasy adventure)
That cliché story I told you about? This is it, my first ever original piece. When two-egg twins Jeremie and Tylera move into a new city they befriend Kirk, Olivia and William. The moment they all touch, Jeremie’s soul is split in five and attaches itself to each of the kids to protect the hidden legacy that it carries. But drawn in by an evil that desire this legacy, the kids unknowingly enter the world of Graspbirds and Woodfaeries, where the mystical powers of Jeremie’s soul are needed to stop the vicious Sadawaner from taking over both this mystic world and the children’s home world.

The novel series

EARTH’S LEGACY (2010, futuristic romance)
In the aftermaths of World War III, a mutated virus used in cancer treatment causes a world-wide epidemic that has cut the world’s population in half. It slows down the cells’ ability to replicate, causing a slow and agonising death. Nixool Manaend, one of less than 100 people in the world seemingly immune to the virus, has lost his entire family to the disease. Scarred by this, he sells his body to science in an attempt to develop a treatment. Nixool hopes that they will succeed before his girlfriend Jenacet falls victim to the virus as well. But all hope turns to ashes when the fragile world peace is shattered and new war forces Nixool and Jenacet on the run.

Atharadas was the creation of sentient energies, a small piece of existence within  endless emptiness, protected by invisible walls like the inside of a snow globe. In this world reigns powerful Kings and Queens, relying on the divine powers of the Aether to communicate the word of Atharadas’ creators and to advise them. Once every generation, a girl is born to become the next Aether and take over her duties. But during times of crumbling peace, the current Aether’s mentor—guides bonded through their souls to their own Aether—cuts this Bond and causes a ripple effect of darkness and catastrophe. In reply to this, Elisa Tham is born, destined to become to next Aether and help turn a world that is tearing itself apart back to the beautiful and peaceful haven that it once was.

This series is much longer and far more complicated that I can explain here. The story is six full-length novels long, incomplete, and contains an original world map of over forty countries as well as a 100% original language called Athrai, developed by your truly.

The Japanese anime

C.H.O.I.C.E (2015, futuristic action drama)
Hatred, Jealousy, Indifference, Loyalty, Love. These are the five Bond of the Heart, eternal soul ties that you can chose to form with anyone. They are commonly used between lovers and friends to strengthen their relationships, although nobody knows how they work.

Ninomiya Kyoji and his friends have grown up during times of peace in the dictatorial, enclosed country of Minnanokuni. But these times are soon to be over when the addition of a mysterious girl to their group—a girl who forms the Bond of Indifference with everyone she meets—unravels the secrets of cruel human experimentation, and a government who wants to find a way to use the Bonds as weapons of war against neighbouring countries.

The Korean dramas

STORIES OF IDENTITY (2016, action drama)
Seoul’s underworld is a tightly woven network of gangsters and mobs, each with their own speciality and all either enemy or ally of the rest. In the ranks of a black market provider group known as the JM (지하망상, the UndergrounDelusion*), young gunman Chi Dan Seon has grown tired of watching young people being dragged into and dying within the mafia. He gathers a group of thugs, street rats and social outcasts, and turns them into a force to reckon with. Together they set out to bring down the gangster networks, or die trying.

*UndergrounDelusion is a borrowed title from a song by my friends and their band Unknown.

MY PRETTY BOYFRIEND (2017, romantic comedy drama)
A young man with a bright future, a loving girlfriend, lots of good friends and a happy family. A young man who doesn’t feel like a man. Who doesn’t want to be a man. When his girlfriend’s best friend finds out that he prefers to live as a woman, she decides to help him realise his dream. As they try to hide the secret from his girlfriend and the world, creating an entirely new identity for him, they come across more than one obstacle, as well as the new realisation that once he is truly allowed to be “herself”, there’s more than one person who falls unexpectedly in love with her.

YOUR HEART NEXT TO MINE (2017, supernatural romance drama)
Seung Shin was 16 years old when she was kidnapped and murdered by an unknown maniac. Twenty years later Seung Shin’s spirit is still locked to the world of the living, awaiting the day she can get justice for what was done to her.

Kwang Eun is an asthmatic high school senior with little hope for the bright future he always wanted. But after being lured to Seung Shin’s hidden grave he finds her necklace, and the spirit of the girl has to follow it wherever it goes. This starts an unlikely friendship, as Seung Shin develops her ability to interact with the world and Kwang Eun offer to help find out who killed her so that she can finally have peace. They are joined by Sang Il, Kwang Eun’s friend and secret admirer, who wants nothing more than to keep Kwang Eun away from the dangers of getting involved with the spirit world.

The Korean movies

CROSSING BORDERS (2017, action drama)
World War III is raging. Three young soldiers from enemy countries—Ha Na of South Korea, Tao Jian of China and Tsukiyama Taisuke of Japan—decide to throw away their weapons in protest against the pointless war, but instead of unifying their people they are all exiled as enemies of the state. They find each other, alone and desperate, and their search for a place to belong and dreams of a peaceful future unite them in a battle to end all battles.

EASY LOVER (2017, romantic drama)
Ka In’s husband Si Hwan hadn’t told her that he lost his job three months back. Chan Woo believes that his boyfriend Sun Jae has been cheating on him. When both leave their homes heartbroken, a mysterious deity uses its powers to switch their bodies for three days to show both couples how important their love is. But the effects are all but expected, when Si Hwan falls for Chan Woo and Sun Jae realises that he will do anything to make his relationship with Chan Woo work out.

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